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10 Reasons to Stay in a Vacation Home!

Most families who start choosing a vacation home over a hotel room quickly become regular visitors. Why not when you look at the advantages? For starters: They are getting more space at a much lower cost.


Vacation homes comes in all shapes and sizes, but all come fully furnished and offer there own unique holiday experience!


The advantages of renting a vacation home from Palm Tree Vacation Homes should be obvious, but here are the top ten:-

  1. SPACE - Vacation homes generally have triple the amount of space, instead of 400sqft hotel room you can have 1200sqft or more. So stretch out and make yourself at home.

  2. Privacy - Everyone can have there own room! (not just bed, but own room!!) Compare that to the standard 2 queen beds in a hotel room. That's not much fun! No more sharing beds or kids sleeping on the floor.

  3. Location - All our properties are literally within minutes of Walt Disney World, meaning you could be inside the Magic Kingdom within 20 minutes from your vacation home (Some of the Disney hotels can't even say that!!)!!

  4. Cost Advantage - We are already cheaper than most hotels, but being able to have more people stay than a hotel or families sharing will significantly bring down the price per person!

  5. Comfort - Every hotel-goer knows staring at the same 4 walls of a cramped hotel room gets tedious really quickly. Our homes are your "home away from home" and adds a personality and comfort for your to come home to after a long day at the theme parks.

  6. Save on Bag Fee's - All of our homes come with a washer and dryer, meaning you can do all the laundry you want! So pack light, leave a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts at home and before you know it you've dropped a suitcase and saved on those dreaded bag fees!

  7. Eating in - One of the elements that makes any vacation expensive is eating out every meal (especially at Disney!) Our vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens, with cookware and appliances. Think about it, if you just eat breakfast in buying cereal, milk, fruit, juice and of course coffee, you could save up to $300 for a family of 4 on a weeks vacation!

  8. Think Big!! - Think of the many small things that quickly become bothersome at a hotel, such as limited closest space, NO kitchen space, One Bathroom, One TV, the closeness of having kids and/or husband/wife under your feet all the time!

  9. Amenities - The amenities at our vacation homes/resorts are as good as if not better than most hotels. Community pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, waterslides, tiki bars, games rooms, movie theaters and then inside the homes, multiple TV's, DVD's Wi-Fi, full kitchen, washer/dryer and much more you won't find in your hotel room.

  10. The secret to having a great inexpensive vacation to the Disney area is a good home base. That's exactly what you get when you stay with Palm Tree Vacation Homes, a family business! Making a reservation is just as easy, call or book online with a credit card to hold, fully payment due 60 days prior, the easiest check in procedure and you'll be having fun in the theme parks in no time!!


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